The Importance Of Room Temperature Ingredients

baking-tipsBaking is more a science than an art. Unlike regular cooking, the ingredients in baking need to be at the right proportions to yield the best results. Home baking has grown widely in recent years and more and more home bakers are setting up their own successful baking establishments. If you are just starting out then you have to follow the instructions in this post to turn out gorgeous cakes and other goodies that are not only appealing but also taste sinfully delightful.

exps38612_TH1192382D35ABaking is a process that requires plenty of patience. You can’t hurry through the process if you want to get great results. Most recipes call for ingredients to be at room temperature before you use them. Very often we are guilty of using a slab of butter right from the fridge or adding eggs that have been sitting on the fridge for a week. You can get away with using these ingredients in other forms of cooking but baking is an exact process and an ingredient that is not at the right temperature can lead to disastrous results.

Some recipes mention that ingredients like cream, cheese, eggs, buttermilk should be at room temperature before including them in the cooking. For these recipes you should be careful to set out the ingredients outside for some time and bring them to room temperature before including them. This step has not been designed to merely prolong the baking process and there is a whole lot of food science in play behind this step. Ingredients when at the room temperature react differently than when cold. So the next time, you bake a cookie or a cake, read the recipe carefully and use the ingredients at the right temperature.

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