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SAF Restaurant & Bar offers a totally vegan menu with a wide selection of raw food and bio-dynamic drinks. Our kitchen is completely plant-based and non-dairy, with an absolute no meat-no wheat policy, allowing vegetarians, vegans, gluten avoiders and lactose intolerants to eat and drink safely at SAF.

We are committed to provide our customers an invigorating healthy diet with taste and style without abstaining from pleasure. Our philosophy and practice is based on promoting overall well-being for body and mind, and we take pride to serve unique dishes created with passion and dedication to a diverse range of customers.

Our cuisine is totally vegan and gluten-free but not devoid of all the proteins and fibers of meat & wheat. Our menu is carefully balanced to supply high protein, high fiber food without the acid producing dairy, meat and wheaten products. Be proud of your self to be so good to your own body enjoying such an environmentally friendly food with a clean conscience. You’ll feel as light as a feather both physically and spiritually after a meal at SAF.

All our desserts are sweetened with natural agave, maple or yacon syrup, dried fruits or date paste, adding a sweetness packed with nutrients and flavour rather than empty calories. Satisfying your sweet craving by our sugarless desserts will be a guilt-free healthy pleasure at SAF. Our inspired cocktails are made with the purest spirits and best liquors mixed with natural fresh juices, energising tonics and vitamineral supplements allowing you to imbibe healthily with genuine flair and elegance. Our organic and bio-dynamic wines are equally environmentally responsible combining quality and flavour with sustainability.

SAF products are meticulously prepared in-house, taking utmost care to supply our guests the daily intake of nutrients for an ideal vegan diet. Our plant-based menu will allow your body to detox & energize, and even if you’re not a vegan or vegetarian, your meat-free days at SAF will leave you feeling light both physically and spiritually. Our dedication in sustaining nature by keeping away from over-consumption of meat is well acknowledged globally, and at SAF our cuisine reflects our conscious standing.

SAF Restaurant & Bar is a part of a broader set up working in collaboration with TheLifeCo and SAF Express, two sister establishments dedicated to improve well-being and to combine healthy life style with joy & function. SAF specializes at raw diet and 50% of the menu is either totally raw or cooked under 48°C to preserve natural enzymes to help your body detox. Our non-dairy cheeses, raw crackers & crisps, wraps, salads and desserts are products of SAF express lab-kitchen. The produce is selected from freshest ingredients sourced locally, seasonally and organically whenever available.

To all our valued customers, partners and followers;
we regret to inform you that Saf Restaurant & Bar is closing its doors indefinitely due to financial reasons.
Please keep following us for news & developments of Saf Express as well as our other offerings.
Thank you,
The Saf Team