Cotton Candy – A Look Into The Origins Of This Favourite Candy

HTB1eHrTHpXXXXXQXVXXq6xXFXXXCCotton candy is a favourite treat among people of all ages right from toddlers to people in their sixties everyone loves this popoular candy. Cotton candy was invented by a dentist. Yes this candy that has caused tooth decay among several people was invented by a dentist named William Morrison in the year 1897 at Nashville, Tennessee in the United States. The candy was introduced in the state fair at St.Louis and was an instant hit. The candy was initially called as fairy floss as the appearance resembled the wings of a dainty fairy.

cotton-candybags_06fa062f-34a2-4099-9fca-7be753efc720_largeThough cotton candy as we know it was introduced in the year 1897, it was based on a goody created by several chefs in Italy centuries ago. In the year, 1400 a group of chefs in Italy created a new process that created strands of candy when sugar was spun at high speeds inside a drum. It was a time consuming process and the entire process was done by hand. Cooks twisted the spun sugar using forks and spread it over various objects to give the candy a definite shape. As it required a lot of physical labour it was not afforded by everyone and only the wealthy aristocrats could indulge in this treat.

The cotton candy machine in use today was introduced in the year 1972 and it reduced the labour involved in the process of making the candy. Cotton candy is commonly available in the colours pink and blue but can be found in other colours too. It has become a staple food in fairs and circuses all over the wovrld and still occupies the favourite position for many kids around the world. So the next time, you eat cotton candy remember the humble beginning of this candy centuries ago.

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Exploring Popcorn – How, When, Where and Why?

ChVnPJTVEAE0gUPYou just can’t watch a movie without munching on some popcorn. Popcorn is a staple snack found in cinema theatres all over the world. This humble snack traces its roots back to thousands of years ago. Historians have found traces of popcorn kernels in tombs of ancient kings from thousands of years ago. So popcorn is not a new invention and we are not the first generation to be addicted to this highly addictive crunchy snack.

White-Chocolate-Confetti-Popcorn-Recipe1-300x300The popping sound of popcorn is made when the kernel of a particular type of maize is heated. These kernels have a hard outer shell that cannot be eaten without cooking. So when you heat the kernel the water inside the kernel turns into steam and blows up the size of the kernel resulting in a fluffy particle. Corn has been cultivated by the human race as early as 5000 B.C. However the popcorn as we know of today doesn’t appear until the 1800s. It was first introduced in the United States during 1820s and was sold in the name of pearl.

The name of popcorn was introduced in 1840s. And the earliest method of cooking popcorn was on a grill. The invention of microwave popcorn was in the year 1920s. It was during the depression of 1930s that Glen.W.Dickson a theatre owner introduced a popcorn stand in his theatre. The cheap price of this popular popcorn made it the preferred choice of snack of movie goers during the period of depression.

This humble snack has come a long way and the flavours available today are endless. Caramel, butter, honey, pepper, strawberry and curry are some of my favourite flavours.
Make sure to mention the exotic flavours you have tried in the comments below.

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History Of The National Dish Of Britain – Fish And Chips

fish-og-chips-med-peberodsremouladeIf there is one dish in the UK that is available everywhere it is nothing but the humble fish and chips. No longer the meal of the working class the fish and chips have become classless and occupy the proud position as the national dish of Britain. Nothing can beat the taste of well battered fish served with yummy house made chips on an old newspaper on a cold winter day in the UK. This dish has a great cult following not only among the locals of the UK but several millions of tourists who visit the UK flock to fish and chip stands all over the country.

Fish-And-Chips-recipeThe potato was found in New England in the United States and was brought to the UK during the 17th century by Sir Walter Raleigh. However it is the chefs of France who claim to have invented the ever popular potato chips. The first fish and chip stand is believed to have been opened in Lancashire in the year 1863 from a simple hut. Later as his dish gained popularity he moved his shop to a commercial area and was known as the first fish and chip shop in the world.
Fish and chips have come a long way and the ride all along has been a bumpy one. While several health enthusiasts stay away from fish and chips others argue that fish and chips provide the essential nutrients that are required for a daily diet. It is a great source of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and fibres. And now studies reveal that fish and chips are not bad for the heart as it was believed to a few years back.

So whatever be your take on this national food, fish and chips are here to stay with an ever growing fanfare among the lovers of this simple yet wholesome dish.

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