Kid Friendly Dishes You Can Serve at Your Restaurant

Children can be your most difficult customers if you are thinking of opening your own restaurant. They have very picky taste buds and they don’t hold back on their comments on how the food tastes. This could actually work to your advantage because you can use their truthful observations in improving your menu. This could motivate you to make a special menu just for kids.

One of the items you must have in your food list is the best grilled ham and cheese sandwich. You can’t go wrong with sandwiches because every kid loves them. It’s easy to eat and you can’t go wrong with a dish with cheese. You can skip adding the veggies like lettuce and tomato and the sandwich will still be delicious as long as your cheese is present. You can opt to put in a cheesy spread or square slices of cheddar cheese.

Another sandwich that you must have on the menu are burgers. Those succulent beefy patties in between two burger buns can be made more exciting if you can provide a variety of add-ons or sauces which the kids can choose from. You can make it like a do-it-yourself burger which will even make it more interesting. By letting the kids exercise their independence in choosing what ingredients they want in their burger, they will definitely appreciate it and eat it with gusto.

Pasta is another kid’s favourite for which you can put some innovation. You can use different kinds of pasta and mix and match with various kinds of sauces. It will make an interesting food fare with the different shapes, colours and sizes of pasta. You can make simple but tasty sauces like pesto, bolognese, white cheese sauce and others. It will make a visual fiesta for the eyes and the delicious taste of the sauces will satisfy the palette of your picky kiddie customers. Like the burgers, you can give the kids the option to choose the pasta and the sauce they want. This will be your restaurant’s signature stamp. It’s very unusual for a restaurant to give children the upper hand in choosing what they want to eat and how it is prepared.

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