Cotton Candy – A Look Into The Origins Of This Favourite Candy

HTB1eHrTHpXXXXXQXVXXq6xXFXXXCCotton candy is a favourite treat among people of all ages right from toddlers to people in their sixties everyone loves this popoular candy. Cotton candy was invented by a dentist. Yes this candy that has caused tooth decay among several people was invented by a dentist named William Morrison in the year 1897 at Nashville, Tennessee in the United States. The candy was introduced in the state fair at St.Louis and was an instant hit. The candy was initially called as fairy floss as the appearance resembled the wings of a dainty fairy.

cotton-candybags_06fa062f-34a2-4099-9fca-7be753efc720_largeThough cotton candy as we know it was introduced in the year 1897, it was based on a goody created by several chefs in Italy centuries ago. In the year, 1400 a group of chefs in Italy created a new process that created strands of candy when sugar was spun at high speeds inside a drum. It was a time consuming process and the entire process was done by hand. Cooks twisted the spun sugar using forks and spread it over various objects to give the candy a definite shape. As it required a lot of physical labour it was not afforded by everyone and only the wealthy aristocrats could indulge in this treat.

The cotton candy machine in use today was introduced in the year 1972 and it reduced the labour involved in the process of making the candy. Cotton candy is commonly available in the colours pink and blue but can be found in other colours too. It has become a staple food in fairs and circuses all over the wovrld and still occupies the favourite position for many kids around the world. So the next time, you eat cotton candy remember the humble beginning of this candy centuries ago.

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