Basic Tips In Baking To Get The Perfectly Baked Goodies

09a5c95a3f8587b65b54708870f8a9e0We often pride ourselves in cooking the most difficult recipes easily. But often fail when it comes to baking. Baking is a process that involves following the recipes to a tee. So if you are cook who is used to just randomly popping in ingredients without measuring then baking might prove disastrous for you. However worry not. Here I list some of the basic tips that can guide you in creating yummy lip smacking goodies. These are some very basic tips that any baker knows. However we often tend to forget them. So it is imperative that you remember these tips before you begin baking.

101454246.jpg.rendition.smallest.ss1. Use the Right Butter:
Do not skimp on butter. Butter lends the wonderful aroma to a baked dish. So throw away your diet and add good quality fatty butter to your recipes. Also make sure that butter is at the right temperature. Do not just add butter right from the fridge. Read the recipe carefully and check out the consistency of butter mentioned and add accordingly. Most bakers when they are running short of time try to soften the butter by heating in a microwave for a few minutes. While this doesn’t spoil the end result, micro-waved butter gives a greasy quality to your baked goodies. So plan ahead if you are baking and let butter sit undisturbed on your kitchen counter for one hour before you begin baking.

2. Always read the recipe:
Read through the recipe and don’t just skim through it. I make it a practice to read any recipe at least twice before baking. This way you can be sure of the consistencies of various ingredients and it helps you to mentally prepare yourself for the process. It takes only two minutes to read it the extra time but it saves you from disastrous results.

3. Get the ingredients measured:
Once you read the recipe the next step is to measure the ingredients and get them prepped before you begin baking. This way you can avoid running around frantically for an ingredient that you have missed halfway through baking.

4. Measure exactly:
Different ingredients need to be measured in different ways. The ways of measuring liquid ingredients is totally different from that of dry ingredients. Also sugar has to be packed whereas flour should not be packed in a cup. So check out various tutorials online and learn the right way to measure your ingredients.

5. Know your Oven:
Most recipes specify the time required to bake the product. But however remember that your oven is totally different from that of others. So know the time required to heat up the element in your oven and use it accordingly.

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