Year: 2016

Got an Outdoor Restaurant? Here’s How to Make It Look Posh

Al fresco or outdoor dining gives a different experience than dining outside. It allows guests to enjoy the gorgeous view outside, the fresh air and the relaxing atmosphere. If you have an outdoor restaurant, you want it to look polished

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Setting Up a Restaurant? Here’s What Appliances You Will Need

The list of appliances needed by a restaurant differs, depending on what the restaurant will offer. Still, there are some basic equipment needed – from a kitchen to store and prepare food and deliveries, freezers and refrigerators, dishwasher, food processors,

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Eight Ways Good Food Can Help Your Health

Have you ever heard of the old saying, “you are what you eat?” There is actually more truth to this saying than most people realize. Our bodies need good and high-quality healthy food to keep things in complete balance. Junk

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What Are the Must Have Kitchen Items to Prepare Great Food?

What are the must-have kitchen items to prepare great food? You might be surprised at the answer because one of the most important things that you can have is a microwave. Many people have a tendency to scoff at the

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The Importance Of Room Temperature Ingredients

Baking is more a science than an art. Unlike regular cooking, the ingredients in baking need to be at the right proportions to yield the best results. Home baking has grown widely in recent years and more and more home

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Basic Tips In Baking To Get The Perfectly Baked Goodies

We often pride ourselves in cooking the most difficult recipes easily. But often fail when it comes to baking. Baking is a process that involves following the recipes to a tee. So if you are cook who is used to

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Essential Tools For Baking

Are you a home maker who is planning to venture into baking? Do you often stand at the endless aisles in the grocery store wondering which ones you require for successful baking? Fret not here I list the required equipments

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Cotton Candy – A Look Into The Origins Of This Favourite Candy

Cotton candy is a favourite treat among people of all ages right from toddlers to people in their sixties everyone loves this popoular candy. Cotton candy was invented by a dentist. Yes this candy that has caused tooth decay among

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